¿Sanctuary? (1989)

¿Sanctuary? poster

Poster art by Nora Patrich

A Forum Theatre play with the refugee community co-sponsored by Amnesty International. ¿Sanctuary? played in Vancouver and toured BC in 1989/90 to wide acclaim. It was the first live, interactive Forum telecast in the world.

"...exciting, vital and dangerous theatre. The audience loves it."
The Province (1989)

"...helps break down the walls that divide audience from play, neighbour from neighbour,
and citizen from immigrant."
Pacific Tribune (1989)

Sanctuary photo 2

Pictured above (top to bottom):
Jose Morales, Victor Porter, Nora Nadir

Sanctuary photo 1

Pictured above (left to right): Saeideh Nessar Ali,
Jose Morales, Daniel McLeod