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“[Here and Now is] a genuinely gripping piece, which is powerful enough to prompt heartfelt responses that can only help deal with the problem.
Peter Birnie, Critic’s Picks, Vancouver Sun, November 24, 2005

Tremendously important… I found myself talking about nothing but this play [Here and Now] the next morning.”
Jerry Wasserman, The Province November, 2005

Few plays offer such an opportunity for collective understanding, and such a powerful catalyst for change.
Kathleen Oliver, Georgia Straight, November 24, 2005

The Here and Now project holds a great deal of value within our local community and within our larger global community. As a member of the local Indo-Canadian community, to introduce this production with a discussion on the politics of race was valuable. By illustrating this point with an example of the non-racial identification of a 'white'/'Caucasian' gang  like the Hell’s Angels - it does hit home with individuals that have never considered the racial profiling conducted by the media. And the exercise of interrupting the play and re-placing one of the performers and performing the "choice" was extremely useful. Many of us can sit back and judge what needs to be done but by performing the actions - you become involved in not only critical evaluation but the common sense factor. I think this project was highly effective and positive on multiple levels.
I came with my mother, brother and partner. Sitting within the family context was important to me as many of the issues were mirrored in our lives. As much as that exact story doesn't live out in my reality - it is far too close of a possibility in my world. I think it is important to see how something may play out. Personally, I found mirrors for all of us - and perhaps not embedded within one specific character but with certain mental constructions or characteristics. It is so easy for many of us to stand back and say call the cops - but it isn't as easy as that. There are so many strings that are interwoven and if you tug one - it impacts all of the rest - there isn't one all mighty fix all. Thank you for allowing us, as a family, to view this.”
Bindy Kang, December 22, 2005

“I was a workshop participant for the  Headlines Theatre production of
Here and Now. I was amazed at how all of the material that was covered in this play was a vital mirror of my own personal experiences inside my home, and the South Asian community abroad. I  think that the content of the performance was very timely. It was  exquisitely displayed on-stage.
Shyam Wazir, December 27, 2005



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