Corporations in Our Heads (2012)

Corporations in Our Heads (2012)

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An experiment about ways to evict corporate voices that occupy our collective psyche.

The voices of corporations tell us hundreds, perhaps thousands of times a day, what to buy, how to feel, how to perceive and the kind of person to aspire to be.

We turned the theatre into a laboratory to explore how those voices shape the way we relate to the world, to make the invisible corporate voices in our heads visible.


David's facebook postings about the events:

May 27

After the 4th and final "Corporations in Our Heads" evening: I thought after the 3rd evening, that I had a structure clear in my head, but, as life would have it, things got a little fuzzy again on the final night. this is, of course, the very reason to experiment - to try to figure things out.

Nevertheless, over the four events it seemed to become clear that what might be possible is to use this technique to encourage literacy at a cultural level about corporate colonization. This would not be about “solutions”…that seems quite grandiose. What may be accomplished is opening up a territory for people to think and see and feel in a different way about something that is so deeply embedded in Western culture that we don’t even recognize it anymore, particularly in our personal relationships with ourselves and each other. If the technique can accomplish the task of making the colonization visible in the seemingly small moments in our lives – then that may be reason to work on a larger project.

About 50 people signed up to give us deeper feedback and it will be very valuable to hear what they have to say.

May 26

3rd of 4 evenings of "Corporations in our Heads" focused into a reluctant kiss and the corporations' voices inside the moment for the woman about her role as a sexual being and what men want (Victoria's Secret), the stigma of being alone (a Bridal Gown company) and her 'need' for a male partner (Home Depot). We shared a lot of laughter inside this with these Brands, at the same time the investigation and the taking of ownership of the voices (a step, I think, in actually dealing with them) was wonderful. Interesting - about 30% (I think) of the people were from the local "Occupy" movement and the conversation after about how important it is to embrace different approaches to a much larger issue than any one approach can deal with was appreciated. One of the woman commented that the fact that it focused on a kiss and not a battle with a corporation was really great and insightful. it was, in that way and others, a very hopeful evening.

May 25

Really refocused the invitation for "Corporations in our Heads" last night and got much closer to the kind of event I was imagining. There are a lot of people doing good work about how corporations behave in the world. This idea is about how the messages from corporations that embed themselves in our consciousness affect our relationships with each other and ourselves at very personal levels.

May 24

Very interesting night last night at "corporations in our heads" thanks to those of you who came out. There were some lovely moments and also, I think the invitation to the audience needs refocusing in order to get at the subtlety of what seems possible with this idea. Beyond fighting against an outside force (a corporation) and into a knowledge that we have been colonized by corporate messages and finding a way to recognize this and take charge of it in our own lives.