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"After Shattering in Canim Lake we sat down with a portion of the group that attended and asked for their reactions.  They advised that the performance was outstanding and one of the best things they had ever been involved with. I was blown away by the quality of the theatre group and very surprised as to the involvement of this community on stage. I believe it was a "hit" in this very small community and thank you from the bottom of my heart."
Ken Tassell, Canim Lake Band, Restorative Justice, December, 2009

"Shattering was such an amazing performance for Golden. It arrived at a  time when parts of our town are just waking up to the issues and has added to the momentum of community dialog and support for a  community coalition. The performance was real, it was raw, it raised huge amounts of awareness."
Justin Telfer, Youth Addictions Counsellor, East Kootenay Addiction Services, December, 2008

"(Shattering is) political theatre at its most immediate."
Jerry Wasserman, Vancouver Province, October 2, 2008

"Reality TV? Forget it. The real deal is happening down at the Japanese Hall. Shattering is brave, raw theatre. Diamond has a gift for taking an often completely intuitive intervention and articulating and clarifying it. All of us have some addiction or other. His are clearly making theatre and helping others get through tough times."
Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier, October 1, 2008