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2015 BC/Alberta maladjusted Tour

The tour is now over! Thank you to all of our supporters and audiences for a very successful project!

For detailed reports go to our Final Reports Page. To see the tour itinerary go here.

Columpa Bobb* • Christine Germano • Martin Filby • Micheala Hiltergerke • Pierre Leichner • Sam Bob*

*Appear through the generous support of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association.

maladjusted Tour

maladjusted Tour Set, designed by Yvan Morissette, photo: David Cooper.

maladjusted Tour production shot 2

Left to right: Columpa Bobb as Mia, Micheala Hiltergerke as Danielle and Sam Bob as Frank, photo: David Cooper.

maladjusted Tour production shot 3

Left to right: Micheala Hiltergerke as Danielle and Pierre Leichner as Dr. Devreaux, photo: David Cooper.

maladjusted Tour production shot 4

Left to right: Martin Filby as Jack and Sam Bob as Frank, photo: David Cooper.


Theatre for Living will remount and tour our 2013 audience-interactive Forum Theatre production maladjusted which explored the mechanization of the mental health system and how stigmatization of mental health issues happens inside the system itself. The production, created and performed by mental health patients and caregivers is a “true voice” that seeks local solutions to this issue in terms of ways to provide and receive more “human centred” care.

Audiences raved about maladjusted. Attendance was high, playing to 76% houses over 18 performances at the Firehall Arts Centre in Vancouver (136 seats/night). Including a global, interactive webcast and telecast we reached a total of 17,558 viewers.

The initial Vancouver production was successful both artistically and in reaching and involving many citizens of all generations and those working in the mental health and counseling community in an essential dialogue. Our upcoming tour would present the work in 26 communities in BC and in Alberta and then perform back in Vancouver for 9 final performances. more...

"To everyone involved in this remarkable piece of theatre, piece of reality, piece of life itself, I send my heartfelt congratulations and thanks for maladjusted. I found your work compelling. I came to the theatre Saturday evening and then sat through the entire webcast again tonight because I was enthralled by what happened. I was in tears more than once both evenings as I watched the characters struggle through their experiences. I know that when I understood about my own anxieties and fears I was able to support my family and myself so much more."
Pamela Galloway

"We are used to theatre that exposes. We are used to theatre that points a finger and says, “This. This is a problem.” And we are all used to theatre, films, art, and events that “raise awareness”. With maladjusted, Theatre for Living takes this process further, beyond the pointing of the finger and the raising of the awareness. They say, “This. This is a problem. Now what would YOU do about it?” And most importantly, they let us answer.

My own understanding of the issues was heightened, my ability to empathize was increased, and I felt that my role in the evening was empowered. Instead of passive audience members, we became actors in our own right (some on the stage, and some within the human transactions and interactions we’ll be having in our own lives). I left the theatre that night feeling, somehow, that I had done a good and necessary thing. I didn’t feel powerless against the huge issue I’d been presented, though I had a better appreciation of the challenges and the stakes."

Lauren from www.niftynotcool.com

For more information about the BC/Alberta Tour, please call Theatre for Living (Headlines Theatre) at 604.871.0508 or email outreach@theatreforliving.com


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