Interviews and videos of all of the theatre company’s mainstage plays are available below. Please click on the links.



2018/19 → Theatre for Living Legacy Videos (celebrating the work of the theatre company)

2018 → TfL 37 Years

A slide show we presented at our Closing Ceremony on September, 28, 2018.


2018 → Theatre for Living Tribute March 10th, 2018


2018 → šxʷʔam̓ət (home) BC/AB Tour

Back by popular demand, this was the last main stage project of the company. It toured into 23 communities, and investigates our blockages around Reconciliation issues.


2017 → šxʷʔam̓ət (home)

A project investigating the blockages we all face making Reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people something real and tangible.


2015 → maladjusted

Toured into 26 communities to unlock the barriers to human-centered mental health care and create local Community Action Reports.

Check the project VIMEO page where you will find amazing videos of the cast

maladjusted Media Coverage


2013 → Corporations in our Heads (the experiment)

32 events in 23 communities. Theatre without a net. No actors. No play. Just us.
How are the messages of Corporations affecting our everyday decision-making and how do we combat that?


2011 → US and THEM

Grassroots. Interactive. Physical Theatre.
How do we build bridges instead of walls?

Creating Us and Them


2010 → This Is My City (Part 1)

2010 → This Is My City (Part 2)

A project on homelessness issues sponsored by the City of Calgary.


2009 → after homelessness...

A project on safe, appropriate housing, created and performed by people who know homelessness.



Western Canada Tour of Forum Theatre on the root causes of addiction. Created and performed by people and family members who have lived issues of addiction.


2006/07 → METH

Forum Theatre on the root causes of addiction. Created and performed by people and family members who have lived issues of addiction


2005 → Here and Now

Forum Theatre on gang violence & its connections with issues at home. Created and performed by people and family members who have lived gang issues.


2004 → Practicing Democracy

Legislative Theatre created and performed by people experiencing chronic poverty.


2003 → Don't Say A Word

Forum Theatre on bullying and violence featuring local students.


2002 → Thir$ty

Dance/theatre on water privatization.


2001 → Passamaquoddy, Language Reclamation

A series of projects in Passamaquoddy Territory on language reclamation.



2001 → Through a Clear Lens (2001)
Short video clips when we gave street youth video cameras to put the Vancouver Police under surveillance with funds from the Federal Department of Justice.


Movie 1
Movie 1
Time: 2:01
(320x240, 14.7MB)
(160x120, 4.7MB)

Movie 2
Movie 2
Time: 2:19
(320x240, 16.8MB)
(160x120, 5.5MB)

Movie 3
Movie 3
Time: 2:04
(320x240, 14.6MB)
(160x120, 4.7MB)

Movie 4
Movie 4
Time: 1:35
(320x240, 10.9MB)
(160x120, 3.6MB)


2000 → Corporate U

Forum Theatre exploring our relationship to globalization.


2000 → Corporations in our Heads

Forum Theatre exploring corporate messaging in the public psyche.


1999 → Squeegee

A Forum Theatre project created and performed by street youth.


1998 → The Dying Game

Forum Theatre focusing on death, dignity and the medical profession.


1997 → Generations

Forum Theatre confronting the difficulties of inter-generational cultural issues.


1996 → Reclaiming our Spirits

BC Tour on Residential Schools issues. Video available on request. Contact us

Click here for CBC Television News Report by Deborah Goble


1996 → Cops in the Head

Cops in the Head is a workshop format that addresses those internal voices that have embedded themselves in our psyche and put up stop-signs and say, "you can’t do that", "you're stupid", "no good" etc.


1995 → Pressure Zone

A Theatre for Living workshop on youth suicide issues.


1994 → MAMU, The Currency of Life

A theatre/dance production about species and habitat protection.


1991/92 → Out of the Silence

Forum Theatre created and performed by people who have lived issues of family violence.


1991 → This is my Life?

Forum Theatre on growing old.


1989 →¿Sanctuary?

Forum Theatre with the Refugee community.


1987/90 → No 'XYA' (Our Footprints)

A co-production with the Gitxsan and Wet’suwet’en Hereditary Chiefs about Ancestral Land, leading into the Delgamuukw Land Claim Case. The play was created in Kispiox BC and performed in Vancouver for 2 theatrical runs, toured BC twice, toured ocean to ocean across Canada, and into Maori communities in Aotearoa (New Zealand).


1986 → The Enemy Within

A political comedy on BC politics and the buildup to Expo’86.


1982 → Right to Fight

A video documentary on organizing for affordable housing.


1981 → Buy Buy Vancouver

A play (with music too!) about Vancouver’s housing crisis.


Some still available interviews, media coverage, etc...



Fred Newman Lecture

June 2021 - David was very honoured to do the 2nd Fred Newman Lecture for the East Side Institute in NY.

Click here



Conversation with David

July 3, 2020 - "What now for the Theatre of the Oppressed?" Conversation between Adrian Jackson of Cardboard Citizens (UK) and David Diamond

Click here



Tamarack Institute Webinar

May 27, 2020 - Tamarack Institute Webinar: "Theatre for Change" with Megan Wanless and David Diamond:

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Vancouver Arts Colloquium Society

Interview with David Diamond about Applied Theatre.



John Dossetor Health Ethics Seminar

David Diamond at the John Dossetor Health Ethics Seminar at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, U of Alberta



Corporations in our Heads in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

February 10, 2014 - Panel for Peace hosted by FORMAAT in Rotterdam



The Residential School Awareness Project: I have to tell my story (2013)

Play 1

Play 2


In April 2013, as a part of The Residential School Awareness Project Circles of Understanding, Theatre for Living, under contract to The Vancouver Aboriginal Community Policing Centre Society (VACPCS) facilitated a 6-day Power Play exploring issues of the impact of Residential Schools. The workshop participants were survivors of the Residential School system as well as the children of survivors; Elders, adults and youth. 

Out of the 6 day workshop a public performance was born and presented at the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre on April 25, 2013. Using interactive, Forum Theatre, I Have to Tell My Story asks questions about how we, in the context of the legacy of Residential Schools, create and support healthy family and community safety. The plays performed twice, first at the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre as well as the Aboriginal Mothers' Centre, to very strong community support and reaction.

For more information about the project click here



David Berner interwiews David Diamond



David's CBC Interview on Arts Funding, 2010: